Tomas and Jade


Jomas, Tomade

Intimacy Levels:

No information

First Met:

August 20th, 1991

Started Dating:

, 1993


Married, Best Friends

This is the relationship between Tomas "Shy" Carmóna and Jade "La Green Eyez" Cabréra.


LGE'z first met shy in S1, they became aquaintences with light interractions (During this time she had a crush on Chief). In S2, when they were partnered up on a group project, they began to build a friendship due to their simmilar interests and abillity to understand stage fright. After the project was over, they began to bond while helping each other conquer their stage fright(she sung to his music). They grew feelings for each other while he was having a rough time during the holidays, but before he could confess, she had started going out with Chief. This put a rift between them, he tried to avoid her until Poncho warned him not too, a day before her breakup with Chief, Shy admitted his feelings for her, she admitted she felt the same way, but qickly left with Chief. After her and chief's breakup, Shy didn't waste anytime to kiss her.


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