Backstory: Edit

Santana Ramira De La Cruz was born on July 18th, 1973, in Havana, Cuba. To prostitute Amada De La Cruz, who later died in childbirth. Amada made her two friends Elisa and Isabel promise to take care of her. They took infant Santanta out of the brothel and moved to the ghetto area of Havana until Santana was 12, Elisa loved Santana dearly and provided for her by prostituting herself. Isabel(who she called "Puta Madre"), on the other hand, despised Santana and blamed her for her mothers death, also neglecting and abusing her. (1985)Elisa was eventually arrested and Isabel took Santana to the U.S. After Isabel had to turn to crime to make money, she began verbably(calling her every name in the book), emotionaly(calling her worthless, a liability, blaming her for the death of Amada and all the stuff that went wrong in her life), and physically abusing her(pulling her by her hair & locking her in a room, hiting & kicking her, shoving her, threatning her with a belt) even more. This caused Santana to to get into many fights at school, and emotionally distance herself from her classmates. (1991): After learning that Elisa got out of prision and is now living in Manhatten. She begins stealing Isabel's stuff and selling it. Once she got enough money, she called the police, escaping while they raided Isabel's house during a drug deal. Isabel caught up to Santana and began to beat her, but for the first time, Santana fought back and escaped as Isabel was detained by the cops. She hops on a bus and makes it to Manhatten.

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