Raphael and Juanita


Raphnita, juanphael

Intimacy Levels:

No information

First Met:

August 23rd, 1978.

Started Dating:

, 1992


Engaged, Childhood Friends

This is the relationship between Raphael "Poncho" Florres and Juanita "Mamba" Santiago.


(1979)Along with Chief, the 3 became an inseperable trio in 1st grade. Over the years they were dance partners in many competitions throughout the years, they started to fall for each other in junior high, even though they never admitted their feelings for each other out of fear of not knowing how the other felt.(1987) When Mamba got excepted to dance school in Albany, NY. Poncho was happy for her, but also upset that she was leaving, cunfused about his feelings he started to distance himself from her. Mamba felt like she did something wrong and they got into their first fight when she confronted him. The night before she left, Poncho came to her house and apologized, admitted he liked her, and kissed her. He left her flustered after the kiss and didn't see her again until 1991. 


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