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El Latido Occulto is an Spanish-American television series created by Javier and Mariana Cortéz, originally produced between 1991 and 1997.



This wiki is here to be a tribute to the wonderful series of El Latido Occulto. Through the years it was a popular watch for many teens and young adults and a show that lots of us still hold dear to our hearts. ELO will truly live forever!!!

Using a mixture of comedy, drama, romance and music, it chronicles the lives of several young adult Latinos—wearing nothing but smiles and the occasional tattoos or battle scars. Stories of friends and lovers—rolling joints, having sex, tagging buildings, and skinnydipping all at a New York University for students giften in the preformance arts.


Santana De La Cruz

Adrian Santiago

Luis Quezada

Jade Cabrera

Raphael Florres

Carmalita Abascal

Juanita Santiago

Emmanuel Suruéz

Loma Velazquez

Dante Marino

Reggie Torres

Maricruz Triana

Cristian Zapata

Tito Solono

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