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'''Santana:''' "I'll miss you too, Chief."
'''Santana:''' "I'll miss you too, Chief."
=='''Dating Time Line:'''==
=='''Dating Time Line:'''==

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Adrian & Santana


Sanadrian, Santaniago

Intimacy Levels:

Married; Husband and Wife, Sexual; They believe in each other; In Love, They are the love of each other's lives, They have a future together, Passionate feelings; Best Friends, Allies;Protective of each other, Adrian is always there for her, her favorite singing partner.

First Met:

August 18th, 1991(At the school auditions)

Started dating:

?, 1994


Married, Best Friends

The Romantic Relationship Between Santana "Lady Joker" De La Cruz and Adrian "Chief" Santiago.


Adrian and Santana have been humorous best friends since she joined Sin Sentido. They like to tell each other everything and they are usually completly honest with each other and hate it when on of them keeps something from them. They aren't afraid to joke around, and know loads about each other and know each other much more that everybody else knows them(save for Poncho). Adrian and Santana usually call each other by nicknames (He calls her Lady Joker, she calls him Chief). This is one of the many ways in which they show affection for one another. They also write songs together, one of their favorite ways to get inspiration is to listen to music together, sharing their favorite songs. She began to grow a crush on him while doing this. They often to try to help each other out when they have problems. They fought and disagreed often but always made up, until a falling out caused her to leave Sin Sentido and strain their relationship. After Sin Sentido one a competition without her, they apologized to each other and admitted what was wrong, she kissed him on the cheek and said goodbye.

In season 2 things were still awkward between them, both were busy with other projects and he was shocked to learn that she had formed her own group. They began to reconnect and they felt more than frienship for one another after a wild night out together. Chief's friends often teased him about his relationship with her, especially Cyclone, and Slick(who was also close to Lady Joker). Both had feelings for each other romantic tention loomed between them throughout the season, even while he dated Jade. After a fender bender leaves Chief with a broken leg, Lady Joker is tasked with taking care of him, leading to him to passionately kiss her. Leaving both confused about their relationship. 

By season 3, they both realized their feelings for each other, but their romantic tension soon turned into sexual tension when Lady Joker moved into his house after the death of her Abuela. a steamy dance number, they stood there, hot and sweaty, 


Season 1:

  • He called her smart.
  • She and Chief danced together at the party together.She was the first person he asked for help with the band auditions. He said she'll be his #1 fan.

Season 2:

Season 3:

  • Chief gets flustered when he sees Lady Joker wearing his pajama shirt.
  • When Lady Joker comes out of the shower wearing nothing but a bathrobe, Chief goes to talk to her and briefly gets flustered, after talking they look at each other sexually until they are interrupted by Chief's father.
  •  After the game show, he goes to her room to confront her where their confrontation culminates physically. 

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:  


  • 2x17

Adrian: "I'm gonna to miss you, LJ."

Santana: "I'll miss you too, Chief."

  • 3x17

Dating Time Line:


  • They are the leaders and founders of their respective groups.
  • They were both raised in non-traditional families.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • The both have Black Hair.
  • They are both great dancers.
  • They both great singers.
  • They are both rappers.
  • They both share close relationships with Juanita Santiago and Danté Merino.
  • Both were born in the Carribian.
  • Both were born in 1973.


  • She's Cuban, he's Puerto Rican.


  • Apart from TBA & TBA, they have a scene together in every sinlge episode.
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