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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
113 1 "Back to Something New" Win Phelps Ira Steven Behr October 6, 1986

As with every new school year, a few changes have taken place at the commencement of the new year: Christopher has graduated and is moving on to an unknown future, Miss Sherwood has finally published her novel and has moved to Maine, Kate has transferred to a school in Boston, and Ian Ware, an English Rock 'N' Roll major, is the newest freshmen to join the rest of the gang. Most disturbingly, Mr. Shorofsky has returned from his summer vacation feeling it wasn’t long enough effectively leaving him unenthused about returning to teach. Christopher gets employment as a commercial actor and gets a small place in hopes of making some money from his commercial work but when he is replaced by another actor, his confidence quickly diminishes. Giving up on his dreams, Chris lashes out at his friends when they offer him help. In an attempt to get Mr. Shorofsky's critique on his work, Jesse discovers a change in him. Likewise, Ian is puzzled when he realizes he's traveled 3000 miles to work with a professor who's on the brink of retirement. Lastly, in an odd attempt at self-discovery, Reggie dresses up as different characters each day depending on her feeling that day. (Michael Cerveris joins the cast this season as Ian Ware).

Guest starring Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Robert King (as The Commercial Director) & J. Michael Higgins (as The Commercial Actor).

114 2 "The Last Dance" Oz Scott Susan Goldberg October 13, 1986

When Christopher's cousin, Vince, puts him in charge of entertainment for his wedding, he recruits Jesse and Nicole to dance as a couple at the wedding. Feeling that things have changed between them, Nicole breaks up with Jesse. The two choose to fulfill their commitment and work on their dance for the wedding but despite their understanding, Jesse is persistent and wants to get back with her. When Leroy informs Nicole that Jesse offered to drop out for her they get back together but things aren’t the same. Danny starts dating Jillian Becket, the daughter of police officer Becket, who just started attending the school but she feels crowded when her father and brothers Sean's and Patrick's protectiveness becomes overwhelming. (Elisa Heinsohn officially joins the cast this episode in the role of Jillian Becket).

Guest star Sandy McPeak (as Officer Becket). Guest starring Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Special Cameo Appearance by Denny Dillon (as Corky, the Cashier). Co-starring Todd Jeffries (as Sean Becket), Trevor Henley (as Patrick Becket), Bill Applebaum (as Vince Donlon), and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Paul Comi (as The Minister), Ernie Brown (as Gramps), Gillian Schreiber (as Audrey), and Randy Allaire (as The Student Singing Scales).

115 3 "New Faces" Win Phelps Harry Longstreet & Renee Longstreet October 20, 1986

Lydia is reacquainted with Paul Seeger, an old acting friend who is filming a small part in a movie being shot in the city. After discussing his talent and the fact that he's never satisfied with any job opportunity that he receives, Lydia gets Paul a job as an acting teacher at the School of the Arts. Upon arriving to teach at the school, Paul is extremely hard on Jesse and the other students, something that upsets the kids. Despite the students having a sudden change of heart and wanting him to stay, he decides to leave to read for a part. When Lydia discovers that Paul has turned down yet another role, she shows him that he's guilty of career sabotage. Mr. Dyrenforth appoints Danny to give Hannah Cooper, an eleven-year-old child prodigy, a tour of the school. They form a friendship but Hannah begins to feel like Danny just wants to show her off and she refuses to play for anyone. (Eric Pierpoint joins the cast as Paul Seger).

Guest starring Tanya Fenmore (as Hannah Cooper). Co-starring Dennis Howard (as The Producer), Nancy Burnett (as The Casting Woman), and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Tom Parsekian (as The Assistant Director), Brian J. Anderson (as The Production Assistant), Judi Goldhand (as The Wardrobe Woman), and David Breithbarth (as The Actor).

116 4 "Judgement Day" Oz Scott Michael McGreevey October 27, 1986

On the anniversary of Leroy's becoming a teacher at the School of the Arts, the students and faculty members throw him an anniversary party at Lou's. After a year of teaching, Leroy also experiences a major student-teacher conflict when after the results are posted for the casting of the school's latest musical, Susan is upset because she feels that Leroy picked Debby because she is Black. Based on this, Mr. Dyrenforth receives unsigned letters claiming that Leroy has discriminated against the white students in favour of the black students. Susan confronts Leroy and accuses him directly of prejudice and after performing for her student evaluation, Leroy questioning his initial decision. When Leroy doesn’t budge, she convinces Danny, who she's dating, that Leroy is exercising favortism. Feeling the plague of such hurtful accusations, Leroy loses his regard for Black pride and replaces Debby with Susan in the lead. Miss Grant, however, feels that Leroy has been pressured and encourages him to trust his instincts. Mr. Shorofsky is having trouble dealing with Ian's fascination with Rock 'N' Roll music and he gets Lou to try to stir his interest in classical music.

Guest-starring Lycia Naff (as Susan Pareno), Michelle Whitney-Morrison (as Debby Reid), and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie).

117 5 "All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing" Win Phelps Richard Manning & Hans Beimler November 3, 1986

With the Kimble foundation awarding $20,000 to the winner of a competition between plays, Mr. Dyrenforth decides to fund Jesse's 30's-style musical called "Shining Lights." With a hard-working cast and crew and the proposed budget growing, Mr. Dyrenforth informs them that the school board will not approve the budget and thus cancels the show. The show is saved when Lou Mackie donates the funds necessary to produce the show. All is well during the dress rehearsal when suddenly Nicole comes down with laryngitis. In a final attempt to save the play, Jesse replaces Nicole with an apprehensive Jillian and includes the love song that Reggie and Ian have been working on in the play.

Guest starring Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz) and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie).

118 6 "Hold the Baby" Oz Scott Michael McGreevey & Ira Steven Behr November 10, 1986

As Chris anticipates a successful audition, his sister Eve leaves her 9-month old son Spike with him when she has to leave suddenly to aid her injured husband. With his girlfriend Shelley leaving him, losing out on his audition, and being locked out of his apartment because of a "no-babies" policy, Chris learns the ups and downs of parenting especially when saddened by his sister's return. With Mrs. Berg off to attend her brother's 50th wedding anniversary, Mr. Dyrenforth is left to his own devices learns that her job is a lot harder than he anticipated. Nicole, Dusty, Reggie, and Jullian form a band, The Cuties, which Miltie appoints himself manager of despite the fact that the girls have already dismissed his services but disagreements between the girls make them realize the hardships of being in a band.

Guest starring Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz) and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Special Cameo Appearance by Russ Tamblyn (as The Choreographer). Guest starring Deborah Geffner (as Eve), and Diana Barton (Shelley Dumbrowski). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie) and Randy Allaire (as Randy).

119 7 "A Different Drummer" Michael Switzer Hollis Rich November 17, 1986

When Reggie is asked to do a scene from a play for drama class, she decides to ease her boredom with something edgy but when she gives her book report of "The Old Man and the Sea" handing out fish sticks and holding a fish with a raincoat on, Mr. Dyrenforth puts an end to it. Dusty's dad, Reverend Tyler who is running a benefit for the homeless in New York City, comes to visit her from Denver, Colorado and is put off by the risqué behaviour and surroundings of the school. Inspired by the benefit Dusty and Reggie go out to meet the homeless. Jesse introduces them to Silvia, a professional beggar who helps at a shelter. With Nicole, Jullian, and Ian, they stage a demonstration, dressed as homeless people, outside the Guggenheim Museum and when she's caught without a permit, Reggie is arrested. Mr. Dyrenforth suspends Reggie when she stages a protest. With the loss of corporate support, the benefit is canceled and Reverend Tyler intends to bring Dusty back home with him.

Guest starring Albert Hall (as Reverend Tyler) and Marilyn Chris (as Sylvia). Co-starring Carolyn Mignini (as Miss Elliot). Featuring L. Kenneth Richardson (as The Policeman).

120 8 "Mr Wacky's World" Win Phelps Ira Steven Behr & Michael McGreevey November 24, 1986

Danny's feeling inadequate as a performer as he finds very few roles coming in. While trying to get his own show on the Public-access television cable TV channel, Danny walks on to the set of the popular Public-access program "Mister Whacky's World" and gets cast on the show as Noodles. Danny becomes a local star and the show is set to go national but with Mr. Wacky expecting Danny to remain his stooge, Danny is a bit conflicted with signing the contract. Jesse asks Dusty to sing a song he wrote and while working together, he inadvertently gives Dusty the impression that he is romantically interested in her. She invites him to a U2 concert and on their way home, all is well but when he backs off from her while she attempts to kiss him, she gets hurt.

Guest starring Gerrit Graham (as Mr. Wacky), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Randy Bertish (as The Boy Student) and Oliver Givens (as Oliver The Prop Man).

121 9 "All I Want for Christmas" Alan Myerson Robert Caplain December 8, 1986

Leroy is studying for a biology mid-term while maintaining his teaching duties. Tina pays Leroy a surprise visit for Christmas when her dad goes out of town. Leroy is excited to spend Christmas with Tina but she feels that Christmas is a joke. Determined to prove her wrong, Leroy plans to buy her a $300 doll house that she's expressed an interest in. On his way to buy the dollhouse, Leroy is pick-pocketed. Unable to receive an advance from the board, Leroy takes up a job doing extra chores for Lou, and pawns his things. While trying so hard to get Tina want she wants, Leroy ends up spending no time with her and she is unimpressed with the material things that he worked so hard to get her. Mr. Shorofsky is hospitalized for Christmas when he finally decides to have his tonsils removed. He is put in room with two other kids Timmy and Matthew, who think he's Santa Claus, when a hot-shot producer steals his room. Jesse and Ian stage a surprise performance in hopes of getting the producer's attention.

Guest starring Caryn Ward (as Tina), Zachary Bostrom (as Timmy), Elden Ratliff (as Matthew), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie), Tony DiBenedetto (as Mr. Quimby), and John Ingle (as The Man In Hospital Suite 2B). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie) and Myrna White (as The Nurse). Featuring Jaclyn-Rose Lester (as The Older Youngster), Carl Bressler (as The Pickpocket), and Garette Ratliff (as Youngster #1).

122 10 "Fame and Fortune" Michael Switzer Robert Caplain December 29, 1986

As a disk jockey for the school's radio show and a big fan of 60s rock diva Frannie Fortune, Nicole makes it a priority to play her idol's records frequently. While paying Nicole a visit at the school, Frannie is impressed by her talent and invites her to sing back-up for her during a demo recording session for a song titled "Damaged." With Frannie's diva behaviour ruining the session, the producer expressing an interest in Nicole's voice, gives her the song instead. Upon learning of her replacement, Frannie is upset with Nicole stating that "what goes around comes around." After revealing that he hasn't had a date in months, Mr. Dyrenforth inspires Jesse, Danny, and Leroy to give his love life a boost. Unbeknownst to their plans, he's baffled to find his picture plastered on the side of a construction site and more so when he learns that women have shown an interest in him. (Nia Peeples makes her final appearance as Nicole Chapman in this episode).

Guest starring Bonnie Bramlett (as Frannie Fortune). Co-starring Jim Piddock (as The Record Producer), Frederic Tucker (as The Recording Engineer), and Patricia Lee Willson (as Ellen). Featuring Randy Allaire (as Randy) and Shaun Earl (as Shaun).

123 11 "Go Softly Into Morning" Win Phelps Renee Schonfeld Longstreet January 5, 1986

After an eventful party involving plenty of alcohol, Miss Grant is frustrated when Danny and Nicole don't show up for an important rehearsal. That frustration turns to shock when it is revealed that Nicole was killed while she and Danny were being driven by a drunken Mickey Garth. While her friends from school and from Lou's are hit with the news, they all have a difficult time dealing with Nicole's death and an even harder time forgiving Mickey. Clearly suffering the most is Jesse and when he learns that Mickey will probably be charged only with involuntary manslaughter receiving only probation, he vows to personally kill Mickey. Feeling that everyone hates him but unaware of Jesse's intent, Mickey hides and leads a climatic cat and mouse chase.

Guest starring Sean Gregory Sullivan (as Mickey Garth), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie), Betty Karlen (as Gina Amatullo), Willard E. Pugh (as Mike Lifton), Will MacMillian (as Kenneth Garth), and Phil Peters (as Detective Murray). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie) and Randy Allaire (as Vince). Featuring Laura Feder (as The Ballerina), Lance Sloane (as Randy), and Jeanette O'Connor (as The Nurse).

124 12 "Love Kittens Go to High School" Luis Soto Susan Goldberg January 26, 1987

Film director Jeff Stave has convinced the school board to allow him to shoot his new movie "Love Kittens Go to High School" at the School of the Arts. Jillian is given the task of student assistant to Mr. Stave but she finds him obnoxious and arrogant. She is particularly annoyed when she finds him picking on her while on the job and as he uses her for an acting demonstration in her drama class where he is guest teacher. She slowly realizes their mutual infatuation for each other but after reality sets in, she learns that they are from two different worlds. After hostile beginnings, Maxie Sharp, a sixteen-year-old actress playing the lead role in the movie, develops a friendship with Jesse. After spending time with him and envying his normal life, she is inspired to enroll at the School of the Arts as a full-time student. With Shaun choreographing the final dance scene, the kids get to dance in the film's final scene. Mr. Stave asks Mr. Dyrenforth to play the principal in the film.

Guest starring Olivia Barash (as Maxie Sharp), John Putch (as Jeff Stave), Jim Doughan (as The Assistant Director), and Bill Kalmenson (as The Cameraman). Featuring Shaun Earl (as Earl Derringer), Robert Neary (as Football Player), and Randy Allaire (as Vince).

125 13 "The Crimson Blade" Debbie Allen Richard Manning & Hans Beimler February 2, 1987

Jesse is playing the title character in the school's production of "The Crimson Blade" while Miltie is playing the wicked governor. Miltie shows an interest in Maxie but she is dating Doug, a hall monitor and after seeing the special treatment that Jesse is getting for playing the hero, Miltie is inspired to be a real-life hero dressed as the Crimson Blade; saving Maxie when Doug refuses to leave her alone when she rejects his advances, helping Ian and Jullian out of an unfair write-up by Doug, and shredding his innumerable citations. With all fingers pointing at Jesse, Doug, Maxie, and the rest of the gang are unaware that the Crimson Blade is actually Miltie. With Mr. Dyrenforth due for appendicitis, the school board appoints Ms. Fleming to run the school while he's away. In her stint as principal, Ms. Fleming creates a doctrine that prevents the students from singing or dancing in the halls in an attempt to quite the school environment. Believing that Crimson Blade's antics are encouraging insubordination, Ms. Fleming cancels the play. Naturally, the kids fight back. (Olivia Barash and Dick Miller join the cast and gain a credit at the beginning of the show as Maxie Sharp and Lou Mackie).

Guest starring Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz), Darren Dalton (as Doug Logan), and Alison LaPlaca (as Ms. Audrey Fleming). Co-starring Keith Mills (as Dr. Korngold) and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Richard D. Murphy (as The Student).

126 14 "Pros and Cons" Michael Switzer Elizabeth K. Doswell February 9, 1987

After returning from her high school reunion, Lydia is despondent when Mrs. Berg and Mr. Seger ask her about seeing her old fling Billy Waters. Mr. Seger gets her to admit that she's still fond of him. Following a brief search to find Billy, he turns up instead after hearing that Lydia's been asking for him. She's thrilled that he's in town but she learns in time that with his job as a stock broker, he's a very busy man. According to special investigator Elias Sellers, Billy is one of the biggest scam artists in pursuit. Instead of removing herself from him, she gets involved with his stock swindling act. With a broken furnace at Lou's Lanes, Lou inadvertently ends up calling Ian's dad to fix it. Ian is uneasy when his friends start enjoying his father's company.

Guest starring Julius J. Carry III as (Billy Waters) and Grainger Hines as (Elias Sellers). Special Appearance by Michael Preston as (Jack Ware). Co-starring Patrik Baldauff (as Clifton Bauer) and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie).

127 15 "The Big Contract" Harry S. Longstreet Melinda Bell February 16, 1987

When Lou's estranged brother Duke shows up unexpectedly at the bowling alley, Lou is far from thrilled. Lou becomes furious when he learns that Chris signed a contract to do an album for his brother who he reveals to be involved in criminal activity. Duke convinces Chris that his brother's accusations are false and they begin working on the album. Chris and Lou fall out when Chris accuses his former boss of jealousy but he slowly sees Duke's slimy nature and opts to get out of his contract. Mr. Dyrenforth appoints Mr. Seger supervising teacher of the school newspaper committee in an effort to encourage his extracurricular involvement. He agrees to do it convinced that it will be a simple task but he soon learns that with Reggie and Maxie disagreeing on almost everything, it's anything but easy.

Guest starring Russell Johnson (as Duke Mackie) and Gary Wood (as Grover). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie), Lew Gallo (as Rupert Ritzik), Larry Spinak (as Duane Doberman), and Teri Hafford (as Attractive Woman).

128 16 "Stradi-various" Michael Rhodes Ralph Phillips February 23, 1987

The episode starts with Chris, Jesse, Danny, and Reggie fighting over a violin. Mr. Shorofsky explains… Frustrated with looking for a new apartment, Mrs. Berg lifts Mr. Shorofsky's spirits when she hands him a package originally sent to him in 1947. In the package is a very special violin. According to Mr. Shorofsky, the violin was believed to be magical. The myth tells the story of a girl who was lonely. Her father decided to build her a magic violin and with its power, her doll turns into a prince. With a stalled romantic life, Danny is envious of Chris and wants to be like him. After hesitantly wishing on the violin for an apartment, he gets an immediate call for a place. The kids are convinced of its magic powers. When Reggie wishes for Ian to be more romantic it comes true, when Danny wishes to have more luck with the ladies, like Chris, that also comes true, and when Jesse dreams of Morey Amsterdam, his dismal stand-up act becomes a hit getting him an audition with the Comedy stop. Chris isn’t too happy about his change in fortune and with Ian's affection annoying Reggie, the fight in the opening sequence begins. After damaging the violin, Mr. Shorfosky reveals that the violin that they damaged came from a pawn shop.

Guest starring Tasia Valenza (as Denise Hudson) and Special Appearance by Morey Amsterdam (as Morey/Rick). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie), Alan Abelew (as Dugan), and Al Pugliese (as Pratt). Featuring Katie Rich (as The Brunette).

129 17 "That Was the Weekend That Was" Michael Switzer Story by : Robert Caplain

Teleplay by : Barry Jacobs & Stuart Jacobs

March 16, 1987

Christopher, Leroy, Jillian and Miltie create frustration for Jesse who, with a key borrowed from Shorofsky, lets them all into the school on a Saturday to complete a weekend project.

Guest starring Robert Donner (as Exalted Muskrat), Trevor Henley (as Patrick Becket), Martha Quinn (as Linda Hayden) and Lee Ving (as Fred)

130 18 "Ian's Girl" Win Phelps Peggy Goldman March 23, 1987

Mr. Shorofsky wants to enter Ian into a competition for classical guitarists in Segovia but being an insubordinate musician, Ian is adamantly uninterested. Ian's old band, The Driven, flies from England to visit their old band-mate. This gives resurgence to his old relationship with his old girlfriend and band-mate Joanna. With his visitors reminding him of how much he's changed and learning of Joanna's pending departure to Boston, he begins to regret his decision to have left in the first place. After Mr. Shorofsky underhandedly enters Ian into the competition, he decides to go back to England with Joanna. After learning of his importance to Reggie, the school, and his friends, he may be persuaded to stay. Lou recruits Laura, Danny, and Chris to organize his campaign for President of the Metropolitan Bowling Operators Association but later opts to back out. His competition, Casper Wintergreen unaware of Lou's resignation, tries to buy him off which inspires Lou to re-enter the election.

Guest Starring Traci Lind (as Joanna), Fred Willard (as Casper Wintergreen), and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Co-starring Gregory Cooke (as Will), Sandor Black (as Tony), and Steve Cooper (as Nick).

131 19 "Best Buddies" Jaime Rogers Richard Manning & Hans Beimler March 30, 1987

Danny's childhood friend Ron surprises him when he tells him he's working for Lou at Lou's Lanes. Following their bout of re-acquaintance, Ron reveals to Danny that he's gay and though Danny assures him that they’ll remain friends, his discomfort with the revelation is more than apparent. When Danny tries to set Ron up with Maxie, he insists that Danny accept who he is. Ron has left home because after revealing to his father that he is gay, his father has become suspicious of him. Feeling like he can’t depend on his family, he finds solace in Danny but as things move forward, Danny becomes increasingly consumed with his friend's homosexuality. When Ron confronts Danny with his homophobia, Danny calls Ron a faggot sending Ron into exile. Dippy Dave, the owner of a store that sells stereos, has recruited Miss Grant to choreograph a routine for his new commercial. She asks Leroy to help with his ideas for the choreography but with the imminent case of creative differences, the two decide to branch off a provide Dippy Dave with two routines to choose from..

Guest Starring Ivan Kane (as Ron Stefano), Richard Bright (as Al Stefano), and Wynn Irwin (as Dippy Dave). Co-starring Tom Breznahan (as Charlie), Randy Allaire (as Vince), and Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie).

132 20 "The Lounge Singer Who Knew Too Much" Michael Rhodes Elizabeth K. Doswell April 20, 1987

Chris is determined to be a hero, inspired by a local hero, he develops a theory that says you get what you expect. Jullian is typing Chris' resume on a computer at her job at General Overdyne, a big company uptown, and accidentally accesses a top secret database sending the information to Chris. Chris becomes concerned when his apartment is mysteriously ransacked and re-arranged. Two men apprehend Chris on several occasions in an Ice Cream truck. Realizing the significance of the video, Chris switches the tape with Dusty's tape and he decides to contact the CIA, upon learning of switched tapes, a chase ensues. With an up-and-coming student video contest, Reggie's set to cover a fictional confrontation between Steve McQueen and Dorothy Dandridge portrayed by Mr. Seger and Miss Grant, Ian is to observe Chris's theory at work, and Dusty is documenting noses but with the subjects of each said video being difficult, finishing their videos on time proves problematic.

Guest Starring Sam Ingraffia (as Ostrin), Nicholas Worth (as Gallupo), and Trevor Henley (as Patrick Beckett). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie). Featuring Beau Bishop (as Messenger), Jillian Katz (as Melissa), Lisa Fuller (as Rocket Cola Girl), and Wayne Collins, Jr. (as Ice Cream Brat).

133 21 "Reggie and Rose" Kevin Rodney Sullivan Susan Goldberg April 27, 1987

Getting kicked out of English class again, the gang tries to persuade Reggie to apologize to her teacher. Reggie doesn’t feel she needs to apologize for anything but Rose, the cafeteria lady, makes her understand the importance of impartiality. With the school board making budget cutbacks, Mr. Dyrenforth is forced to lay off Rose. Reggie expectedly protests Rose's termination. Realizing that she can’t do anything about Rose's job, Reggie persuades her to audition as a student at the School of the Arts. After getting in, she starts out feeling awkward and out of place but quickly joins ranks with the others and receives praises from members of the faculty. After avoiding the discussion about trying out for Mr. Shorofsky's friend's summer stock company, Mr. Shorofsky finally gets Reggie to discuss it in class and she openly turns it down. Rose tells her that it would be a foot in the door and Reggie, persuaded, convinces Rose to audition with her. When it comes down to the audition, Rose chokes and decides to give up on the stock company and the school but with her School of the Arts experience, she discovers her passion for performing and continues to perform outside of the school.

Special Guest Star Carol Burnett (as Rose). Special Cameo Appearance by Denny Dillon (as Corky The Cashier). Featuring Randy Allaire (as Vince), and Lew Gallo (as Andrew Rotter's Voice).

134 22 "Of Cabbages and Kings" Debbie Allen Ira Steven Behr May 4, 1987

The National Cultural Center has selected The School of the Arts to contribute an item to a time capsule that will be opened a century later. Reggie and Jullian are in charge of the screening of donated items but each student wants to donate something that is significant to only them. Miss Grant comes up with the idea to make a film documenting work and life at the School of the Arts but after filming the piece, still nobody can agree on an item. With the students enthused about the honour, Miltie of course is instead up to his usual schemes. Mr. Dyrenforth warns him about his potentially being kicked out of the school. When asked to compose an original piece for his assignment, Miltie goofs off. Mr. Shorofsky threatens to fail him if he doesn’t comply. Struggling to write his song, Miltie tries to pass a fourteenth-century ballad off for his own.

Guest starring Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz). Featuring Larry Moss (as The Foreign Man) and George Milan (as Rosen).

135 23 "Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore" Harry S. Longstreet Renee Longstreet & Harry Longstreet May 11, 1987

On the day that progress reports are to be mailed to parents, Jullian asks Mrs, Berg to keep her failure notice for a few days. After receiving a letter from a former lover Lewis, who's planning to visit her in New York City, Mrs. Berg requests an indefinite leave of absence. When Jullian meets with Mrs. Berg at her home, Mrs. Berg advises her to face up to her parents in light of one of her lies from the past coming back to haunt her. After visiting Mrs. Berg, Jullian not only learns of her past as an actress but she also learns that she told her former lover she was the principal of the school. The kids come up with a plan to have Mrs. Berg impersonate a principal. After attempting to go through with the charade and later declining the suggestion, Lewis surprises her when he turns up unannounced. Mrs. Berg decides to go through with the act and manages to concoct a convincing history for Lewis during dinner but when he comes to visit her at school; their plan to keep Mr. Dyrenforth away may blow up in their faces. Working as a teacher's assistant in Chemistry class, Reggie covers for Gordon, a squeamish animal-lover, through his refusal to dissect a frog. With the teacher Miss Maguire insisting that he complete the dissection, Reggie and Gordon stage a protest in favour of a computer program that allows the students to perform virtual dissections.

Guest Starring Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz), Diane Civita (as Miss Maguire), Jan Rubes (as Lewis), and Greg Longstreet (as Gordon). Co-starring Carolyn J. Silas (as Laura Mackie), Mary Kane (as Faye), Patrick Gorman (as Morris), and Cam Clarke (as Charlie). Featuring David Kock (as Burns), Glenn Casale (as The Mailman), Marie Capitti (as Marie), Lisa Hudson (as Lisa), and Elizabeth Sharp (as The Student).

136 24 "Baby, Remember My Name" Debbie Allen Michael McGreevey May 18, 1987

The school of the arts is experimenting with their first video yearbook but they don’t have a theme. Mr. Dyrenforth advises the kids to take advantage of alumni week interviewing past students Bruno, Coco, Doris, Montgomery, Holly, and Chris. Mr. Dyrenforth informs Leroy that he needs to undergo a compulsory re-evaluation as he lacks a credential. After two years teaching at the school, Miss Grant suggests that Leroy leave the school to pursue his dancing. She gets her friend, big-time actor, and school of the arts alumnus Michael Taftner to consider Leroy for the lead for the alumni week show but after working with Leroy, Michael doesn’t feel he can’t cut it and decides to replace him. With Leroy overhearing Michael's decision to dismiss him, Miss Grant is the only one who believes in Leroy's ability to pull off the lead. Christopher has been invited back to the school as guest speaker for Mr. Seger's class but when he lies about his success since graduating, he and Mr. Seger butt heads

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