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89 1 "A Place to Belong" Ray Danton Paul Boorstin & Sharon Boorstin October 12, 1985

As the School of the Arts opens up again for the new school year, things are stirred up, yet again. New student, Dusty Tyler (played by Loretta Chandler), finds herself feeling out of place. Similarly, veteran and recent graduate Leroy Johnson - who has just been asked to be Miss Grant's assistance - feels he doesn't belong as he's no longer a student and not quite a teacher. He's further upset when he's chosen to choose someone among his friends to play the lead role in the school's new production. After mocking Dusty for reading the lines of Romeo from "Romeo and Juliet," Mrs. Persky gives Danny and Christopher the task of playing the role of two sisters in full costume. (Joining the cast this season is Loretta Chandler (as Dusty Tyler).

Guest starring Randee Heller (as Peggy Persky). Featuring Tom McDermott (as The Stage Manager).

90 2 "Leroy and the Kid" Allan Arkush Abe Polsky October 19, 1985

With an unexpected visit from his feisty, eight-year-old, streetwise niece, Tina, Leroy reluctantly allows her to stay with him at his apartment while her father, Leroy's brother, Lamar, has taken off without a trace. With Miss Grant and Mr. Shorofsky trying to put together a show with the help of a backer, Stanley Beckerman, and with Tina's behaviour getting her suspended from school, Leroy is forced to take her to school with him where Jim Parker, Beckerman's assistant, decides that without Tina there will be no show. With Tina unenthused with the idea of being featured in the show to help her uncle out, she uses the desperation of the faculty to bribe Leroy, Miss Grant, and Mr. Shorofsky, though her reluctance to help Leroy out may put the show at risk. Danny finds out that he can't get actors’ equity because there is already a Danny Amatullo registered. Christopher struggles to understand his role as Hamlet.

Special Guest Appearance by John Carradine (as Danny Amatullo). Guest starring Jack Carter (as Stanley Beckerman), Caryn Ward (as Tina), and Todd Susman (as Jim Parker).

91 3 "Bronco Bob Rides Again" Allan Arkush Michael McGreevey October 26, 1985

While in Central Park, Danny encounters his favourite old western actor Bronco Bob and his partner in the classic films, Prince the Miracle Horse and is star struck. Danny eventually finds that his hero is down on his luck and depends on the sale of pictures of him and Prince to make a living. Danny is concerned and determined to help. Things get worse when an old acting rival, Myron "Black Bart" Leach, spitefully tries to repossess Prince with the pretext that Bronco has ceased payment on the horse. In an attempt to pay for the horse and restore Bronco's pride, Danny involves the School of the Arts in the production of a show to raise the funds. This, however, may not solve the dispute over Prince's rightful ownership.

Guest starring Myron Healey (as Bronco Bob), Leo Gordon (as Myron Leach), and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight). Featuring John Svar (as Timmons).

92 4 "Selling Out" Ray Danton Joanne Pagliaro November 2, 1985

With the emergence of a prestigious song-writing contest, the students at the School of the Arts are focused on creating the winning song for the chance at indispensable exposure and potential superstardom. With inspiration from his grandfather's teachings to him as a child in his native Mexico, Jesse wins the competition with a heart-felt original piece. Though initially excited, Jesse discovers a popular downside to the entertainment business when music business big shots, Alan Stewart and Mitch Randall, decide to change many of Jesse's original ideas. Mr. Shorofsky struggles with "selling out" as well when he auditions a mediocre violin enthusiast and former football jock Bradley Elliot, Jr., whose father is willing to make a generous donation that could reform many budget-related deficiencies at the school.

Guest starring Christian Clemenson (as Alan Stewart), Robert Fieldsteel (as Mitch Randall), and Joshua Cadman (as Bradley Elliot Jr.). Featuring Natividad Vacio ( Jesse's Grandfather) and Jeannie Marie Austin (as The Stage Manager).

93 5 "White Light" Allan Arkush Ira Steven Behr November 9, 1985

When Christopher falls for Julie Chandler, a beautiful, talented student, the two feel like finding each other was the best thing that's happened for either of them. After a noticeable decline in Julie's performance at school, Chris discovers that Julie is secretly a coke addict. Although he insists she quit, she tells him she needs a boost to better her academia and he helps her by making deals with her supplier Hunk Pepitone. When Chris attempts to put an end to her abuse, Julie refuses to end her drug use. In a battle between her and the drug, the drug may come out on top. After his parents' separation, Danny feels uneasy when his mother, Gina Amatullo, starts dating Lou Mackie.

Guest starring Wendy Smith Howard (as Julia Chandler), Betty Karlen (as Gina Amatullo), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie), and David Proval (as Hunk Pepitone).

94 6 "Savage Streets" Nicholas Sgarro Carol Gray November 16, 1985

There is an eruption of gang warfare in Jesse's barrio (neighborhood) and when local gang rivals, The Ravens and The Skulls rehash and old fuel with the return of The Skulls' tough leader, Popeye, The Ravens' leader, George, uses threats to make Jesse join their gang. Nicole, having "visions," senses danger and tries to dissuade Jesse but her warnings go ignored. When Popeye kills Jesse's good friend, Hector, Jesse joins the gang to avenge Hector's murder. One of the Ravens and the younger brother of George, Luis, befriends Mr. Shorofsky when he expresses an interest in the trumpet.

Guest Starring Esai Morales (as George) and Abel Franco (as Hector). Featuring Eddie Castrodad (as Luis), Featuring Rick Elias (as Popeye), and Leo Garcia (as Raphael).

95 7 "His Majesty Donlon" Michael A. Hoey Ira Steven Behr November 23, 1985

Prince Frederic "Freddy" (Played by Billy Hufsey in addition to his regular role as Christopher) of Vatonia has arrived in New York City to make a speech for an important United Nations' event. Upon learning that his life is being threatened and upon the discovery of a perfect lookalike Christopher, by his assistant William, an arrangement is made for the two to switch identities for 48 hours. Christopher is willing to go along with the charade until he is attack by two gunmen, disguised as Freddy's guards, attempting to kill the prince. (Nia Peeples also plays double roles as she plays her regular character Nicole and the prince's fiancé Maryanne of Gimblestien).

Guest starring Henry Beckman (as William Rosenkrantz). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight), Adam Gregor (as Rolf), and John Lykes (as Ivor).

96 8 "Broadway Danny Amatullo" Lawrence Dobkin Frank South November 30, 1985

Upon learning that a noteworthy agent, Moe Starkey, attends a local restaurant regularly, the kids head to the restaurant to get his attention headed by Danny disguised as a waiter. After the gang performs Prince's "Baby, I'm a Star," Moe decides that Danny would make a great agent despite Danny's lifelong aspiration to be an actor. Danny chooses to work for Moe as an agent and because of this strays from his acting duties in the school's latest production.

Guest starring Randee Heller (as Peggy Persky), Nancy Lenehan (as Brenda Haskell), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie), Jack Kehoe (as Moe Starkey), and Carl Carlsson (as Ernie Shank). Featuring John Hallow (as The Maitre'D).

97 9 "Ebenezer Morloch" Nicholas Sgarro Robert Caplain December 13, 1985

With Mr. Morloch's usually strict nature, during the Christmas holiday, his enforcement of school board regulations has everyone thinking of him as a "Scrooge." On the eve of Christmas, while working on the school's budget, Mr. Morloch falls asleep in his office where he dreams he is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come who come to show him the importance of Christmas cheer. When he awakes, Mr. Morloch has clearly had a change of heart and embraces the holiday spirit. (This episode marks Ken Swofford's final appearance as Quentin Morloch)

Guest Starring Isabelle Walker (as Francine). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight).

98 10 "Choices" Donald Reiker Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker January 4, 1986

It's time for mid-year auditions and with the arrival of the new principal, Bob Dyrenforth (Played by Graham Jarvis), we learn that Mr. Morloch has left the school to coach a semi-pro ball team in Buffalo. Holly reveals that she's leaving school because she's been offered a role on a soap opera that will be filmed in Hollywood. Nicole is particularly upset by Holly's departure. When Holly suggests that Nicole go to auditions like she did, Nicole does just that and gets a small role in a Broadway show. When Mr. Dyrenforth unknowingly receives tickets to the same show, he discovers that Nicole is breaking an important school rule and he forces her to choose between attending the school or doing the show. Auditioning dance hopeful, Henry Lee, tries to use his neighborhood connection with Leroy to get into the school with mediocre talent. (This episode marks Cynthia Gibb's final series regular appearance as Holly Laird while Carrie Hamilton, Page Hannah, and Graham Jarvis officially join the cast as Reggie Higgins, Kate Riley, and Mr. Bob Dyrenforth).

Guest starring Randee Heller (as Peggy Persky), Bruce Solomon (as Dr. Lindstrom), Don Cheadle (as Henry Lee), Alan Blumenfeld (as Charlie), and Kathy Graber (as Cathy). Featuring Larry Spinak (as Oedipus), Dan Schneider (as Cyrano), Pinky (as The Star Spangled Banner Student), Susan Moore (as The Flight Attendant), and Al Alu (as Mr. Hefferan).

99 11 "The First Time" Robert C. Thompson Carol Mendelsohn January 11, 1986

A series of unlucky events has Mr. Dyrenforth convinced that he is jinxed. Mrs. Berg and Miss Sherwood try to encourage him to remove himself from his pessimism. With evident tension between them, Nicole and Jesse re-examine a sensitive topic. Jesse is upset because Nicole is unwilling to have sex with him. The two decide to split up due to the disagreement on the topic and with a school dance approaching both need a date. Jesse goes with Kate and Nicole goes with Joe Douglas jealously erupts and causes a mild brawl which inadvertently leaves Mr. Dyrenforth soaked in punch. The two reconcile when Mr. Dyrenforth has a talk with Jesse about his jealous outburst and suggests that he wait for Nicole. The two make up and plan to spend the night together in a mountain cabin but a series of unfavorably events leaves the two with whiplash, making Nicole realize that it's best they wait. Danny and Reggie go to the dance together and find that they share a liking toward each other.

Guest starring Will Bledsoe (as Joe Douglas) and Britt Leach (as The Innkeeper). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight) and Melissa Tufeld (as Marianne).

100 12 "A River to Cross" Debbie Allen Frank South February 1, 1986

As preparations are being made for the school's production of Huck Finn, Bobby cast as Jim, expresses an uneasiness with the content of the play and leaves the show after dealing with his suppressed frustration. Bobby gathers some of the kids and tries to have the play pulled, so concerned staff members, Miss Grant, Mrs. Sherwood, and Mr. Dyrenforth, have the opposing kids weigh out their differences. With the help of Leroy, Mr. Dyrenforth is determined to keep the play running. This starts a protest led by Bobby which creates a racial division in the school. The preparations for the play continue with a re-write courtesy of Mr. Dyrenforth but the censorship only creates more opposition as Leroy quits the play. When Mr. Dyrenforth bans the book, Miss Sherwood assigns "Fahrenheit 451" to her class which gives Danny the idea to stage a book burning where Leroy helps him show the students the pointlessness of censorship. In a dream, Leroy encounters Jim, the slave from "Huckleberry Finn" who tells him that it's his job to, in his portrayal of Jim, show that his character isn’t a fool.

Special Appearance by Stan Shaw (as Jim) and Introducing Kenny Ransom (as Bobby Carter). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight).

101 13 "Such Good Friends" Leo Penn Carol Gary February 8, 1986

Tina, Leroy's visiting niece, arrives at the School of the Arts to tell Leroy that she accidentally burned down his apartment while making Ravioli-Os. When Leroy learns of the damage Tina has caused, he seeks a temporary care giver for Tina. Mrs. Berg volunteers to put Tina up while Leroy stays in Miss Grant's spare room at her place. When Lydia is asked out to dinner by her old boyfriend, Carl, she asks Tina to tell Leroy to see if he can stay with a friend for the night. Tina instead tells Leroy that Miss Grant is expecting him to make dinner. Waking up the following morning, after being stood up, Leroy bumps into Carl in the kitchen. Leroy tries to reprimand Tina's actions when he learns of her scheme but Mrs. Berg saves her from the spanking. When Carl comes to the school to pick Lydia up for a date, Tina tells him that she went out with another man. After being stood up, Lydia and Leroy practice their dance when Leroy kisses her to which Lydia is dismayed. Tina encourages Leroy to pursue Lydia in hopes of her adoption and a marriage between them while warding off Carl. Mr. Shorosky, who has been throwing his table tennis matches with his younger girlfriend, Liu Chin, tries to win her over by beating her while Miss Sherwood struggles to get her book, four years in the making, published.

Guest starring Caryn Ward (as Tina) and Harrison Page (as Carl). Co-starring Takayo Fischer (as Liu Chin).

102 14 "Holmes Sweet Holmes" Allan Arkush Carol Mendelsohn February 15, 1986

After a rehearsal for the school's production of "Sherlock Holmes," a pipe in the dressing room bursts. Mr. Dyrenforth makes arrangements for repair with Artie Horowitz, a contractor, who is also the father of Miltie Horowitz, but the board is unwilling to fund the expensive repair work and Mr. Dyrenforth is forced to close the school relocating the students to another building. Danny discovers that the broken pipe was sawed deliberately and figures that Ralph, the Janitor, is trying to sabotage the school in order to build a parking garage in its place. After seeing Miltie paying Ralph off, Danny is convinced of a father-son swindle. They get Page, Miltie's reluctant love interest to distract him while Danny checks out the janitor's space in the boiler room. After being knocked out by a fallen panel from the room, Danny discovers Ralph's dead body and is knocked out by someone when tries to escape. Danny wakes up convinced that he is Sherlock Holmes and sets out to solve the mystery. Just as Danny proves that Ralph is responsible for the entire ploy, Ralph hits him over the head...

Guest starring Robert Costanzo (as Artie Horowitz/Ralph), Paul Bartel (as Claude Hunsicker), and Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz). Featuring Thor Nielsen (as The Mysterious Stranger).

103 15 "Double Exposure" Bill Duke Paul Boorstin & Sharon Boorstin February 22, 1986

With auditions for a presentation of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" underway, competition heats up between Danny and Jesse for the lead role, but in order to make the cut for the play, all students have to pass the Biology midterm. The yearbook money goes missing twice and Dwight has enlisted his fellow hall monitors to get to the bottom of the theft. While developing shots that Reggie took for the yearbook, Nicole and Reggie discover Jesse going into an office cabinet where the now missing yearbook money was stored. When Nicole confronts him thinking he took the yearbook money, he admits that he took the answers to the test. He throws the answers away only to retrieve them from the trash later. He gets the part and all is well until Nicole discovers the answers in his jacket. After Danny discovers the truth about the test, he vows to make Jesse suffer. In his assertion, he discovers he's got his own case of a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" split personality.

Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight).

104 16 "The Inheritance" Debbie Allen Hollis Rich March 1, 1986

Tina's father, Lamar returns but only to borrow money from Leroy under the pretense of establishing a life for Tina. Tina's nanny, Mrs. Castillo, dies and Tina is revealed to be the sole beneficiary in Mrs. Castillo's will. When Lamar learns of the $22,000 estate that has been passed on to his daughter, he returns for her offering to use the money to get him and his daughter a house. Leroy doesn’t trust his brother to do right by Tina with the money and when Lamar's conscious gets to him, he opts to leave admitting that he only came for the money. Dwight is directing a play about the Dewey Decimal System in which his inspiration for the lead character's wife, Anna Dewey, is based on his love interest and former School of the Arts student Holly and his directorial vision and obsession is driving Kate, who's been cast as Anne Dewey, and the rest of the cast up the wall. (Cynthia Gibb makes a voice-over appearance as Holly over the phone).

Guest starring Caryn Ward (as Tina), Al Ruscio (as Sergeant Levin), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Lamar), and Lupe Ontiveros (as Mrs. Castillo). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight). Featuring Tony Rader (as The Waiter).

105 17 "The Comedian" Reza Badiyi Adam Leslie March 22, 1986

Comedian Sandy Webb is running a comedy workshop at the School of the Arts where he encourages Danny and Chris to tell jokes that are personal. His advice proves to be fitting as their act becomes a hit at Lou Mackie's bowling alley. Danny is dumbfounded when he realizes that Sandy stole his act from him while on "The Phil Braverman Show." After making an indirect apology, he steals more of Danny's jokes on another show. The pair confronts him when he gets a gig at "The Funny Club" and he insists they forget the incident. Danny begins to take his anger out on his peers which prompts the break-up of Danny and Chris' act. Danny decides to change his major to music until while making his mother feel better about her pending divorce; he rediscovers why he wanted to do comedy in the first place. Reggie, a naturally funny person, is upset with the fact that she can't help being funny even when playing the serious role of Lady Macbeth. Instead of playing her role seriously, she plays her part with a comedic approach.

Guest starring Sal Viscuso (as Sandy Webb), Betty Karlen (as Gina Amatullo), and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Featuring Steve Susskind (as The Bowler), Kevin McDermott (as The Audience Member), and Ron Meyers (as The Juggler).

106 18 "Stagefright" Debbie Allen Michael McGreevey March 29, 1986

After jumping on stage early during a 1950s-style play, Chris develops severe stage fright. He keeps his problem a secret while pouring his heart out to his hero, Elvis (portrayed by Robert Firth), who only he sees. When Danny learns of his troubles, he tries to help Chris overcome his fear. Jesse attempts to beat the record for the longest tapping duration but he's got some competition with Dwight's cousins Leonard. Kate wants to transfer into Miss Turner's class because she can't take Miss Grant's rough teaching style.

Guest starring Robert Firth (as Elvis) and Will Bledsoe (as Joe Douglas). Co-starring Larry Spinak (as Leonard Mendenhall). Featuring Bebe Neuwirth (as Phyllis Turner) and Joe Gieb (as Tap Dance Competitor).

107 19 "Self Defense" Allan Arkush Marilyn Anderson & Renee Orin April 5, 1986

When Mr. Dyrenforth arrives at school, he discovers the first of a series of vandalism attacks that are soon to plague the School of the Arts. Jesse gets angered when he learns that Nicole has a secret admirer who keeps sending her flowers. The destruction, orchestrated by two unknown vandals and the unwanted adoration of a secret admirer has Nicole shaken and after seeing Miss Grant show off her karate skills in a "trashy" film, Dusty, Kate, Reggie, and Nicole ask Miss Grant to teach them karate. While the damage to the school continues, the girls become focused on developing as martial artists in their newly established karate class led by Miss Grant. Following a night out with the girls at Lou's, Nicole is forced to walk home alone and upon presuming that she's being followed, only to learn that her soon-to-be attacker was an innocuous basketball-bouncing passerby, loses her confidence – that is until she and Dwight meet the vandals.

Guest starring Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie) and Robert Romanus (as Miltie Horowitz). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight) and Tony Monaco (as Dale). Featuring Michael Shaner (as Vandal #1) and Evan James Malmuth (as Vandal #2).

108 20 "W.S.O.A." Winslow Phelps Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker April 26, 1986

As a deejay for W.S.O.A., a radio station at the School of the Arts, Jesse handles many phone calls from listeners – most of which are somewhat trivial. One of his callers, Roberta, requests a song called "You Don't Know Me" daily to which he dismisses until she reveals that the request is being made to pacify her pending suicide. Ann Strong, a psychologist for the school board advises Jesse to continue talking to her to appease her depression by assuring her that her pain will pass. Jesse and Roberta arrange to meet, but under the condition that he arrive alone. After not showing up, the kids start a search for the girl in hopes to save her. When she finally calls she reveals that she's taken pills already, Jesse has one final chance to convince her to live. When Mr. Dyrenforth finds the kids' dressing too revealing, he calls on Dwight to enforce the new dress code.

Guest starring Kathleen Wilhoite (as Roberta) and Jesse Welles (as Ann Strong). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight). Featuring Sheri Allen (as The Girl) and Ric Cane (as The Waiter/Lt.).

109 21 "Contacts" Allan Arkush Ira Stephen Behr May 3, 1986

Christopher and Kate secretly start going out and with her encouragement, Christopher takes a job as a waiter in hopes of establishing contacts. Upon arriving to work for Laura, an agent, she mistakes him for an actor and has him read. His reading impresses her and she offers to set up an audition for him. After kissing Laura, Chris tells her that he and Kate aren't romantically involved. This puts their relationship in jeopardy. Leroy is hired to do choreography for Jack Goodman, a producer for a summer stock company, but when Jack revokes salary from Leroy and his friends Leroy turns down the job which upsets the gang.

Guest starring Lenore Kasdorf (as Laura Mattingly) and H. Richard Greene (as Jack Goodman). Co-starring Brenda Bolte (as Nancy). Featuring Fred McGrath (as Charlie), John William Evans (as The Older Actor), and Shaun Earl (as Jason).

110 22 "To Tilt at Windmills" Donald Reiker Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker May 10, 1986

When Miss Sherwood is sent home with a cold, Mr. William Quigley substitutes to teach the class about Don Quixote. With the school in demand for supplies, among them textbooks that have been sitting in a warehouse for nine months, Mr. Quigley decides pick up the textbooks with Jesse's help. In an effort to revolt against the "Great Enemy," this enemy first being red jello, he initiates a protest and destruction of the mandatory I.Q. tests. When Mr. Dyrenforth questions the sanity of the substitute, he gets the board involved which has Mr. Quigley suspended. Upon learning of his suspension, Mr. Quigley's eccentricity propels him to make an unusual outburst which puts him in an asylum. Mr. Quigley consoled Dusty when she wasn't picked for a lead in a school play but after he's taken away, she believes that he filled her with false hope. It takes Jesse to make him and everyone else realize what he's done for the school.

Guest starring Kevin McCarthy (as Mr. William Quigley). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight), Tim Haldeman (as Swaboda), Corinne Carroll (as Margaret), Eric Poppick (as Gottlieb), Jon Jacobs (as Motorcycle Cop), and Julie Ariola (as Receptionist). Featuring The USC Trojan Marching Band (Un-credited).

111 23 "Losin' It" Michael Vejar Melinda Bell May 17, 1986

When Henry Lee returns, Leroy is convinced that Miss Grant is giving favors. While demonstrating a routine, Leroy seriously injures his knee. He goes through an operation and intense rehabilitation to restore his knee but when he returns to teach dance he hesitates fearing that he'll injure his knee again. Instead of dancing Leroy lashes out at Henry. Lydia is determined to push Leroy back into dancing because she's convinced that he'll never dance again if doesn't face his fear. Reggie has a crush on Max but is scared stiff to speak to him even while on a date and incessantly seeks Kaye's company for comfort.

Guest starring Dermot Mulroney (as Max) and Don Cheadle (as Henry Lee). Co-starring Conrad Bachmann (as Doctor Clay). Special Cameo Appearance by Russ Tamblyn (as The Choreographer). Featuring Hideo Ebara (as The Sushi Chef) and Primo López (as The Taxi Driver).

112 24 "The Incident" Win Phelps Teleplay by : Michael McGreevey May 24, 1986

Jesse is in the hospital unconscious with a concussion. The events leading up to Jesse's hospitalization are a mystery. What is known about the incident involves Mr. Torrence who was excited about putting on a play. Mr. Torrence is the prime suspect and admits to hitting Jesse. He expressed an interest in Nicole to play his lead, Lisa, after seeing her perform. Jesse became jealous thinking that something was going on between Nicole and Mr. Torrence, especially after Nicole received a bracelet from him. What is clear about the night of "the incident" starts with Jesse insisting that she return the bracelet. When Nicole refused he left only to do discover the two kissing when he returned. Somehow Jesse falls off of the stage and with conflicting accounts of what happened from Mr. Torrence, Nicole, Jesse - through Mrs. Berg who claims she's a medium, and Christopher, Mr. Dyrenforth, Miss Sherwood, and Christopher try to figure out what actually happened. This episode is inspired by the play Rashomon as well as the film directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Guest starring Robin Thomas (as Mr. Torrence

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