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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
64 1 "Indian Summer" William F. Claxton Story by : Norman Chandler Fox

Teleplay by : Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker & Ira Steven Behr

September 29, 1984

It's the first week of school after the summer vacation has ended, love becomes a top priority at the School of the Arts. After they both share their grief over love gone wrong, Doris and Danny find consolation in each other and end up trying their hand at love together as a couple. Leroy is concerned as he discovers that his girlfriend may be pregnant. Holly has a crush on Mr. Reardon and Miss Sherwood starts dating a married man. (Janet Jackson, Nia Peeples, and Jesse Borrego join the cast in the roles of Cleo Hewitt, Nicole Chapman, and Jesse Velasquez).

Guest starring Morgan Stevens (as David Reardon) and Ric Mancini (as Mr. Amatullo). Co-starring Jim Weston (as Mark Lewis) and Ann Nelson (as Mrs. Berg). Featuring Pinky (as Pinky).

65 2 "Czech-Mate" William F. Claxton Story by : Sandy Fries

Teleplay by : Patricia Jones, Donald Reiker & Ira Steven Behr

October 6, 1984

The school presidential campaign has Danny and Doris butting heads. Campaign managers, Nicole and Jesse find that share a lot in common. Chris falls for Sasha, a student attending the School of the Arts as the daughter of a Czech diplomat who is on assignment for the U.N. Leroy finds that Cleo has a crush on him.

Guest starring Daphne Ashbrook (as Sasha) and Sam Slovick (as Cassidy). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight), Andrew J. Lederer (as Student), Adam Gregor (as Fydor), and Ann Nelson (as Mrs. Berg).

66 3 "Spontaneous Combustion" Michael Hoey Story by : Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker

Teleplay by : Patricia Jones, Donald Reiker & Ira Steven Behr

October 13, 1984

While dancing in the hallway, the kids injure Miss Sherwood putting her in the hospital. Because of this, the Board of Education enforces a directive that states that dancing be prohibited in unspecified areas. With Mr. Morloch enforcing this new directive, the kids become determined to rule out the new rule. (This episode marks the first time Ann Nelson (as Mrs. Berg) is credited as a regular in the opening credits).

Guest starring Sam Slovick (as Cassidy). Co-starring Ben Hammer (as Bill Drake) and Andrew J. Lederer (as Obnoxious Student).

67 4 "I Never Danced for My Father" Kevin Hooks Joanne Pagliaro October 20, 1984

After some reluctance to let his estranged father back into his life, Leroy discovers that his father really cares for him. Danny tries to convince his father that his aspirations to become a comedian aren’t futile.

Guest starring Alan Weeks (as Vernon Johnson) and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Special Appearance by Louis Giambalvo (as Mr. Amatullo). Co-starring Betty Karlen (as Mrs. Amatullo).

68 5 "The Heart of Rock 'N' Roll" Walter C. Miller Ken Ehrlich October 27, 1984

Billed as "Kids from Fame," the cast from "Fame" perform in their first concert of the season alongside the season four regular dancers. This concert marks their second in the U.S. and their first with Janet Jackson, Jesse Borrego, and Nia Peeples in the cast. The theme of the concert is a tribute to the history of Rock 'N' Roll through the 50s and 60s including music from the Beatles to the Beach Boys. The concert took place at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on Long Island, New York. Notable performances include a Beatles medley by Gene Anthony Ray, Jesse Borrego, Billy Hufsey, and Carlo Imperato and an Elvis tribute by Billy Hufsey.

Starring Jesse BorregoBilly HufseyCarlo ImperatoJanet Jackson, and Valerie LandsburgNia Peeples, and Gene Anthony Ray.

69 6 "Blizzard" William F. Claxton Paul Boorstin & Sharon Boorstin November 3, 1984

A blizzard traps the staff and students in the school, provoking various problems. With the added problem with heat conservation due to a broken furnace, Doris fights with her mother for independence, a new relationship between Nicole and Jesse is challenged while the two are trapped in a classroom, and Leroy goes out into the blizzard to make an audition. While Mr. Morloch looks for a burglar in the school, he instead finds out that the burglar is actually a pregnant teenager. (This show was dedicated to the memory of Armando Huerta).

Guest starring Madlyn Rhue (as Angela Schwartz) and Sally Klein (as Jamie Wagner).

70 7 "The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas" Allan Arkush Ira Steven Behr November 10, 1984

Disaster strikes at the School of the Arts. While trying to get the attention of a student, Mr. Morloch inadvertently upsets the cast with the scare of a hex. By whistling in the auditorium before the night of the performance, as depicted in a showbiz dictum, Mr. Morloch is held responsible for a serious of disastrous events by the students and teachers in the cast.

Guest starring Sam Slovick (as Cassidy), Tuesday Knight (as Suzi Detroit), Lee Ving (as Fred), and Robert Romanus (as Milton "Psycho" Horowitz).

71 8 "The Return of Doctor Scorpio" William F. Claxton Judy Merl & Paul Eric Myers November 17, 1984

Trevor Kane, a School of the Arts Alumnus and acting has-been, returns to the School of the Arts to make an appearance in a play that Doris is directing. When he questions his abilities as an actor, the gang set out to assure him that he is adequate.

Special Guest Star Anthony Newley (as Trevor Kane). Guest starring Sam Slovick (as Cassidy). Co-starring David Westgor (as Michael Green), Bronwyn Thomas (as Michelle) and Tommy Rall(as Not Kane).

72 9 "The Ballad of Ray Claxton" Allan Arkush Paul L. Ehrmann November 24, 1984

After a morning news program airs an interview with Nicole, she receives a letter from a young man, Ray Claxton, who is serving time in a juvenile detention hall. Jesse is bothered by Nicole's closeness to Claxton as she decides to pay him regular visits at the prison, though she claims she's only visiting due to her admiration of his music and songwriting skills.

Special Guest Star Gail Strickland (as Becky Guest). Guest starring Tom Schanley (as Ray Claxton).

73 10 "Nothing Personal" Debbie Allen James Berg and Stan Zimmerman December 1, 1984
After the lead of the freshman show is injured, Cleo fills in just six days before the show. But when Chris is unexpectedly assigned to write a review of her performance for the school newspaper by Miss Sherwood, he reluctantly singles out her lackluster performance. This leads to Cleo becoming so upset that she quits the school and Chris finds himself out in the cold with the rest of the kids and with Lydia. Meanwhile, Jesse and Nicole play cat and mouse with ads in the personals section after deciding to be just friends.
74 11 "The Rivalry" Allan Arkush Billy Field December 15, 1984

Holly's professional dancer mom, Suzi, pays her a visit and serves as a temporary teacher for Miss Grant who is out to audition for a role in an out-of-school production. A rivalry between Lydia and Suzi ensues which brings the two head-to-head in a dance off for a spot in the upcoming teachers' show.

Guest starring Donna McKechnie (as Suzi Laird). Featuring Lawrence Lott (as Mr. Wendell) and Madelyn Cates (as Mrs. Lewandoski).

75 12 "Dreams" Ken Ehrlich Norman Chandler Fox January 5, 1985

Through being fined for performing on the street without a license, it is discovered that Jesse is an illegal immigrant. When the Immigration Department makes it clear that they intend to deport him, Doris commits to marrying him in an effort to keep him in the country. When that fails, Mr. Shorofsky makes the offer to adopt him. However, it is Nicole who may have the solution.

Guest starring George Murdock (as Mr. Pulaski), Madlyn Rhue (as Angela Schwartz), John Milford (as Mr. Schwartz), and David Proval (as Doran). Featuring Lynn Seibel (as Griffith), Charles Walker (as Police Officer), and Harry Lewis (as Justice of the Peace).

76 13 "Tomorrow's Children of the Sixties" Debbie Allen Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker January 12, 1985

During Careers Day, guest speaker Sgt. Joe Garver, is invited to speak to the students about the military. With the intent to inspire the kids to consider careers in the military, Garver starts up an R.O.T.C. program in the school with the help of Mr. Morloch's support. Miss Sherwood runs a theme of 'poetry of the 1960s' while the kids plan to do a production of "Hair" as a benefit concert for the Nuclear Freeze campaign. (Joan Baez has a guest performance).

Special Guest Star Joan Baez (as Herself). Guest Starring Richard Romanus (as Joe Garver). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight) and Conroy Gedeon (as Newsperson). Featuring Diane Racine (as Mrs. Gimble).

77 14 "The Heart of Rock 'N' Roll II" Walter C. Miller Ken Ehrlich January 26, 1985

This episode was the second half of the concert starring the cast of "Fame" and the season four regular dancers. Filmed at the Jones Beach Amphitheater on Long Island, New York, this episode included a tribute to Stevie Wonder featuring covers of his hits ranging from "Fingertips (Part 2)" to "Ribbon in the Sky." Janet performs her brothers' hit "I Want You Back," Nia Peeples covers Pat Benatar's "Fire and Ice," and Jesse Borrego takes on Prince's "When Doves Cry."

Starring Jesse Borrego, Billy Hufsey, Carlo Imperato, Janet Jackson, and Valerie Landsburg, Nia Peeples, and Gene Anthony Ray.

78 15 "Take My Wife... Please" William F. Claxton Michael McGreevey February 2, 1985

Two love triangles develop at the School of the Arts: Cleo starts dating Danny in an attempt to make Leroy jealous. Meanwhile, when Christopher has a hard time with Shakespeare in drama class, his teacher, Trevor Kane's (played by Anthony Newley), appoints Christopher the acting partner of his ex-wife, actress Daphne Simone (played by Deborah Wakeham) – who is seeking Mr. Kane's coaching for a Broadway play. When Christopher develops feelings for Daphne, Mr. Kane learns that he too still has feelings for her.

Special Guest Star Anthony Newley (as Trevor Kane). Guest starring Deborah Wakeham (as Daphne Simone) and Sam Slovick (as Cassidy).

79 16 "Parent's Week" Michael A. Hoey Carol Gary February 9, 1985

In the midst of Parent's Week, turmoil hovers over the kids. Danny has a hard time dealing with his parents' separation. Nicole's parents put pressure on her when she enters the New York Science Fair while Morloch encourages Christopher to hang out with Cassidy in an attempt to make him "normal."

Guest starring Betty Karlen (as Mrs. Amatullo), Sam Slovick (as Cassidy), and Ernie Lively (as Bart Cassidy). Special Appearance by Louis Giambalvo (as Mr. Schwartz). Co-starring Jennifer Rhodes (as Joyce Chapman) and Irene Forrest (as Wendy Cassidy). Featuring Judith Jordan (as Josie).

80 17 "Danny De Bergerac" Arthur Allan Seidelman Paul Wolff February 16, 1985

When he does a re-write for a "street" version of "Cyrano De Bergerac," Christopher casts Nicole as Roxanne, Jesee as Christian, and Danny as Cyrano. Although Nicole is seeing Jesee, Danny has admitted that he has feelings for her. Mr. Morloch is reacquainted with an old college roommate whose wife he used to be with and may still have feelings for.

Guest starring Scott Marlowe (as Bob Demeter), Jennifer Rhodes (as Joyce Chapman), and Marta Kristen (as Dede Callahan). Co-starring Ted Sorel (as Ted Chapman). Featuring Gus Corrado (as The Waiter).

81 18 "Team Work" Ira Steven Behr Donald Reiker February 23, 1985

When Christopher and Danny collaborate in a comedy act, Christopher is discovered and experiences fame. Along with the pros of fame, Chris becomes tainted when he abandons his partner and attempts to sabotage Leroy as he becomes competition. When Nicole moves in with Holly for a week, tension builds between the pair.

Guest starring Vincent Baggetta (as Jimmy Brock) and Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie). Co-starring Lynnda Ferguson (as The Photographer) and Bronwyn Thomas (as Michelle). Featuring Doreen Andrade and Alexia Robinson (as The Back Up Girls), Carl Carlsson (as Paper Cutter), and Rough Cut.

82 19 "Coco Returns" Debbie Allen Carol Mendelsohn March 2, 1985

After her turn as professional on Broadway, Coco Hernandez returns to get her diploma at the School of the Arts. Nathan Adler (Played by Milton Berle), a famous retired director, is chosen to direct a school production and casts Coco as the lead in the play. This poses a clash between director and lead actress.

Guest starring Erica Gimpel (as Coco Hernandez). Special Guest Star Milton Berle (as Nathan Adler). Featuring Francesca P. Roberts (as The Nurse).

83 20 "Wishes" Michael A. Hoey Michael McGreevey March 30, 1985

Mr. Morloch temporarily makes Miss Sherwood Vice Principal when he has to leave the school to attend a conference for school administrators. She discovers the challenges of being an administrator. In an attempt to make some money to pay for his rent, Leroy signs up for a television game show and as a result finds himself in a bit of trouble. Doris starts dating a guy that she thinks is perfect.

Guest starring Yves André Martin (as David Anderson), Stuart Pankin (as Harry Burke), and Ismael 'East' Carlo (as Perez). Co-starring Paul Eiding (as Edgar Popjoy). Featuring Nat Bernstein (as Ira).

84 21 "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" Lorraine S. Ferrara Carol Gary April 6, 1985

When Doris is mugged on her way to her grandmother's house, she finds that the experience induced trauma her in many aspects of her life. Having a crush on Holly, Dwight learns to overcome his shyness around her as the two become close friends.

Guest starring Madlyn Rhue (as Angela Schwartz) and Frances Bay (as Grandma George). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight) and Jon Jacobs (as Policeman). Featuring Hayley Taylor-Block (as The Little Girl) and Tony Marz (as The Little Boy).

85 22 "Reflections" Valerie Landsburg McVay Patricia Jones & Donald Reiker May 4, 1985

It's the end of the year and Prom is near. Doris has decided on a Hawaiian theme for the Prom to the disapproval of the rest of the kids. With her parents' recent divorce, Holly deals with the stresses of her failed home life by starving herself. A recovering anorexic herself, Miss Grant, recognizing the signs, offers some helpful words of advice to which Holly ignores. It may take severe consequences to expose her to the dangers of anorexia.

Guest starring Donna McKechnie (as Suzi Laird), Barry Jenner (as Jim Laird), and Gigi Vorgan (as Tina). Co-starring Shirley Prestia (as The Nurse).

Note: Valerie Landsburg is the only cast member other than Debbie Allen to direct an episode of the series.

86 23 "Who Am I, Really?" Ray Danton Michael McGreevey May 11, 1985

The School of the Arts welcomes Diane, a visiting photographer who has arrived under the pretense of working on a project involving the kids. Nicole has always known that she was adopted and through a sense of connection that she feels with Diane, Nicole discovers that Diane is in fact her biological mother. Diane and Nicole begin hanging out with each other much to the dismay of Nicole's parents and Jesse. Expected to deliver his annual State of the School address, Mr. Morloch enlists an unwilling Chris, when he loses his voice, to present his speech for him.

Guest starring Julie Carmen (as Diane Petit) and Jennifer Rhodes (as Joyce Chapman). Co-starring Ted Sorel (as Ted Chapman).

87 24 "The Ol' Ball Game" Donald Reiker Ira Steven Behr May 18, 1985

When Danny is challenged by an old rival - and his school, Zackary Taylor High - to a softball game against his school, Danny accepts the challenge, although worried about putting the team together. At first, things go well, but when the girls decide to play and beat the boys during their first practice, the humiliated team backs down leaving the girls to take the place of the boys on Danny's team.

Guest starring Rob Morrow (as Joey Laurenzano), Dick Miller (as Lou Mackie), and Burke Byrnes (as Buzzy Fentin). Co-starring David Greenlee (as Dwight). Featuring Paul La Greca (as Irving Abromowitz).

88 25 "School is Out" Ken Ehrlich Story by : Ken Ehrlich

Teleplay by : Patricia Jones and Donald Reiker

May 25, 1985
With summer approaching quickly, the kids are feeling down as they find that they'll miss the school and each other during their summer holiday. This especially holds true for Cleo who will be leaving the school as her family is set to move to California. Upon discovering the news of her departure, Cleo, Jesse, and Nicole sit and reminisce about the memories created at the School of the Arts the previous year. (Janet Jackson makes her final appearance as Cleo Hewitt in this episode and although not featured in this episode, this episode also marks Valerie Landsburg's final appearance as Doris Schwartz as an official cast member
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