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<p style="margin-top:0.5em;margin-bottom:1em;font-variant:inherit;font-stretch:inherit;line-height:inherit;font-family:inherit;background:none;">After being rejected multiple times, Adrian asks Santana to the 7th annual ? under the strict agreement that he asked her out as a friend, not as a date. During which, Santana gets a call from her grandmother Rosa, Adrian drives her to her Rosa's house. Rosa mistakes Adrian as Santana's boyfriend. After leaving her house, they realize it's stil early and decide to go on an adventure through the city. At the end of the night, Santana kisses Adrian goodnight, in front of all their friends. Leaving both to question their feelings for each other.       </p>
<p style="margin-top:0.5em;margin-bottom:1em;font-variant:inherit;font-stretch:inherit;line-height:inherit;font-family:inherit;background:none;">Adrian asks Santana out on a date. She agrees to go with him to a party and later to dinner at their favorite restaurant, where she convinces him to play a song and sing on the piano. He does, and she gives him a money tip. The night ends with them kissing in front of their friends.</p>
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Season 2 (1991-92)

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
17 1 "And the Winner is..." Marc Daniels Max Tash September 30, 1991

18 2 "War On The Field" Stan Lathan Leah Markus October 7, 1991

Two new students Carmalita Abascal, a dance major, and Loma Velazquez, a music major, immediately find difficulty being accepted most notably by their more seasoned competition, Juanita and Jade.

19 3 "Feelings" Robert Scheerer Christopher Beaumont October 14, 1991

Jade is given the impression that her dad is considering a reconciliation with her mother only to find that her father plans to marry another woman.

20 4 "Class Act" Robert Scheerer William Blinn October 21, 1991

A famous dancer, who happens to be in town preparing for a show, charms Salmoe and is invited to the school as a guest speaker to give the kids some insight into being famous. When Salome begins a relationship with him, she has to deal with the downside of his lavish lifestyle.

21 5 "Beginnings: Part 1" Robert Scheerer Ken Cauthern October 28, 1991

Santana is kicked out of her group for creative differences, and moves to a different dorm hall, in order to escape the torment from her peers, Jade ?, Loma questions her ambition as preformer after the death of her grandmother, Juanita fails to win the lead in a dance number. In the end, all four girls are brought together through a song.   

Songs: "Be Right Here"(accustic version)

22 6 "Beginnings: Part 2" Robert Scheerer Ralph Farquhar and Kevin Rodney Sullivan November 4, 1991

After their song is played over the PDA, the girls start recieving praise from their peers, later learning it was Adrian who hooked the microphones to the PDA system. Students start asking Santana when their next song is coming out, so she decides to form a real group, and releases a controversial debut song.

Songs: "Ain't To Proud 2 Beg" 

23 7 "Rock With You" Mel Swope Linda Elstad November 11, 1991

Adrian asks Santana out on a date. She agrees to go with him to a party and later to dinner at their favorite restaurant, where she convinces him to play a song and sing on the piano. He does, and she gives him a money tip. The night ends with them kissing in front of their friends.

24 8 "Winners" Robert Scheerer Steven Hensley & J. Miyoko Hensley November 18, 1991

Jade recives constant praise for her body. Loma, influenced by Jade's many successes, goes on a crash diet in an attempt to be one step closer to perfect.

25 9 "Childhood's End" Peter Levin Christopher Beaumont November 25, 1991

Jade is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex. As he's preparing to join the Navy, she tries to get him to go back to school. 

26 10 " " Marc Daniels Parke Perine December 2, 1991

Songs: "Hat 2 da back"

27 11 "Homecoming" Peter Levin Ken Berg December 9, 1991

When Loma unexpectedly runs into her estranged brother at school, she sets out to reunite him and their father after years of not speaking to each other. When Mrs. González mistakenly invites Salome's old ballet teacher to a school performance, Salome incorporates ballet moves into her Jazz routine in order to impress her former teacher.

28 12 "A Tough Act to Follow" Jack Bender Virginia Aldridge December 16, 1991

Emmanuel has a hard time dealing with the sudden death of his favorite teacher, Mr. Juana. Emmanual's father tries to renew their relationship after Emmanual makes it clear he wants nothing to do with him.

29 13 "Relationships" Robert Scheerer Scott Brody January 6, 1992

Adrian, Raphael and Juanita scheme their way into a nightculub. Loma begins to fall for Tomas, but is too shy to admit her feelings. Raphael starts seeing a 30-year-old waitress from the bar. Ms. Apapellós hooks up with a man through a dating service.

30 14 "Star Quality" Robert Scheerer Scott Brody January 13, 1992

A television actor is brought in to give advice to the students.

31 15 "Sunshine Again" Harry Harris Kelly Woods Adams & Reneé Orin Hague January 20, 1992

Songs: Under Pressure

32 16 "Love is the Question" Robert Scheerer Leah Markus January 27, 1992

Michael, who has a crush on Santana, tells everyone at school that they slept together after a night of studying ended with the two fast asleep on the couch at Michael's dorm. After Mr. DeMedina's old college friend, a sleezy reporter, stays with him for a short time, a picture of Mr. DeMedina in a speedo on his water polo team comes out in a gossip tabloid.

Songs: "What About Your Friends"

33 17 " " Richard Kinon Lee Curreri February 12, 1992


34 18 "Date Night " Robert Scheerer Judy Farrell & Donny R. Lee February 17, 1992

Jade gets a call from her boyfriend in the military, that he's breaking up with her, devastated, she finds comfort in Adrian. Meanwhile, Loma overcomes her shyness and asks Tomas out. Emmanual acidentelly sets up both couples on a double date.   

35 19 " " Robert Scheerer Story by : Paul Rubell & William Blinn

Teleplay by : William Blinn

February 24, 1992

36 20 " " Terry Sanders Draper Lewis March 3, 1992

Songs: "Bad By Myself"

37 21 " " Parke Perine March 10, 1992

38 22 "Ending on a High Note" Jack Bender Christopher Beaumont March 31, 1992

When the dates for the dress rehearsal for the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the game conflict the boys are torn between the team and the production.

39 23 "U.N. Week" Mel Swope Parke Perine April 7, 1992

The school hosts "U.N. Week" with Emerson High School and the kids find getting along to be difficult as the kids from Emerson High act snobbishly toward them. As Lydia secretly helps Mr. Reardon prepare for an audition, rumours start to spread of an affair between the pair.

Note: Danté does a hand gesture in front of his partner, but the gesture is unseen and when his partner is about to reveal what the hand gesture was, the screen is frozen and Salomé speaks 

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