Season 1 (1981)Edit

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Title Directed by Written 
1 1 "Pilot" Ellen Falcon Lissa Levin and Thad Mumford September 26, 1981

Based in Brooklyn, the Rock Steady Crew branches off into the Manhatten & Harlem branch, 16 year old b-boy Richard Colon is put in charge of the Manhatten branch. He asks his best friend Daisy and cousins Lorenzo and Jeffrey to join him. Dee & Lee tell the MRSC to prove themselves as a worthy branch at a live performance. While planning their first preformance as a group, Richard and Daisy cannot seem to agree on anything. 

2 2 "Alone In The Crowd" Jay Sandrich John Markus, Carmen Finestra and Matt Williams October 1, 1981

Daisy's family is put in a finacial crisis when her mother loses her job, she tries to tell Richard but he barely pays attention. On the night of the performance, disater strikes. Daisy and Richard have a falling out, in retaliation for him kicking her out, she leaves Manhatten without telling him.

3 3 "New Beginnings" Ellen Falcon Susan Fales October 15, 1981

Now in Harlem, Daisy clashes with a snooty classmate and is approach by the Harlem RSC branch leader Marlon, who convinces her to join. There she meets her new nieghbor, a kind balerina named Rosario. Back in Manhatten, Richard becomes worried when he doesn't here from Daisy for a week. 

4 4 " " Kim Friedman Susan Fales October 22, 1981 

Daisy's audition for the HRSC causes Marlon to ask her for an original piece, but Daisy can't think of a concept. Daisy falls and her audition is postponed due to the minor injury. Rosario tells Marlon about Daisy's injury. Daisy returns with Marlon watching this time and makes the cut. 

Note: The HRSC also adds Tamieka Harris and Angelica Lewis (who also goes by Angie)

5 5 "  " Ellen Falcon Joe Gannon October 29, 1981

Back in Manhatten, 

6 6 "  " Ellen Falcon Cheryl Gard November 5, 1981

Marlon and Daisy become romantically involved, 

7 7 " " Ellen Falcon Thad Mumford November 19, 1981

8 8 " " Ellen Falcon Thad Mumford December 3, 1981

Marlon announces he is leaving the HRSC, and that he's leaving Daisy in charge. Daisy is unsure what to do as a leader, all the male members leave having no faith in her, so she begs Rosario to join, and is forced to ask snooty Shanice as well to make her crew complete. In the end, Daisy, Tamieka, Angie, Rosario, and Shancie complete the HRSC, and

9 9 "Sometmes You Get The Bear...Sometimes The Bear Gets You " Ellen Falcon Scott Spencer Gordon and David Felton December 10, 1981

Dee calls the MRSC & HRSC up to Brooklyn for the Christmas fundraiser. 

10 10 "Changes" Ellen Falcon Susan Fales December 17, 1981

As her New Year's resolution Daisy promises to bring the heat to the MRSC and become the greatest breaker of all time.

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