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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "Metamorphosis" Bob Kelljan Christopher Gore January 7, 1991

Auditions introduce the School of the Arts main characters; Street Smart Santana, shy Jade, naïve loudmouth Juanita, kind-hearted Tomas, reclusive Raphael and street smart Adrian. The teachers are dance instructor Salomé Garcia, English teacher Malená Sherwood and eccentric music teacher Pablo DeMedina.

Songs: "Miles from Here", "Take Me", "Fame", "Red Light"

2 2 "Passing Grade" Nicholas Sgarro Story by : Lee H. Grant

Teleplay by : Lee H. Grant & William Blinn

January 14, 1991

Salome's old boyfriend, Roberto, offers her a part in a show and teaches Jaunita a lesson in the process when she applies for the lead actress part.

Songs: "The Show Must Go On", "I Still Believe In Me"

3 3 "Tomorrow's Farewell" Thomas Carter William Blinn January 21, 1991

Tomas's estranged older brother Al just released from jail, moves in...bringing a gun, leading to Tomas's arrest while trying to dispose of it.

Songs: "I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can", "Come What May"

4 4 "Alone in a Crowd" Robert Scheerer Glenn Gordon Caron January 28, 1991

The School of the Arts 7th annual benefit has Santana running the auditions and show. Jaunita tries unsuccessfully to get a performance and shy Jade to perform at the event, so Mr. DeMina changes his student proficiency tests to be performed in front of the class and addresses Jade's fear. At the benefit, a black-out gives elevator trapped Adrian and Santana a deeper understanding of each other.

Songs: "Alone in the Crowd", "We Got the Power To Be"

5 5 "To Soar and Never Falter" Harry Harris William Blinn February 4, 1991

Dance major Regina's audition for the Ran Tyler dancer troop causes Miss Garcia to ask Raphael for an original piece, but he and Ragina can't agree on the music concept. Regina falls and her audition is postponed due to the minor injury. Her prior diagnosis of multiple sclerosis causes the insurance company to decide to remove her from the school. Juanita tells Raphael about Ragina's impending removal when Raph and Regina become romantically involved. Juanita fills in for Regina, then fakes an injury to make a place for her return. Santana befriends a trouble making student, Emmanuel Suaréz.

Songs: "Be My Music", "Ballet for Kathy". 

6 6 "The Sellout" Thomas Carter Gary Kott February 11, 1991

Jaunita's authoritative teaching methods while instructing the dance class choreography mid-term upsets her peers. Mr. DeMedina chooses Santana to play in the ensemble for Jaunita's project, so jealous Jaunita torments Santana during rehearsals and blames it on astrology. 

Songs: "It's Sonata Mozart" (instrumental), "Could We Be Magic Like You", "Hi-Fidelity"

7 7 "Behaving Badly" Thomas Carter Danny Jacobson & Barry Vigon February 18, 1991

In order to pass a failing class, Adrian decides to form a group consisting of: best friend Raphael, friendly classmate Tomas, trouble maker Emmanuel, and mysterious new kid Danté. He names the group "Sin Sentido" (spanish for "Behaving Badly) Jaunita volunteers to help with choreography, in order to confront Raphael. Danté struggles with the dancing, an early rehearsal proves disastrous and Emmanuel's absence is a problem. 

Songs: "Mowtownphilly" 

8 8 "Street Kid" Robert Scheerer Story by : Marc Rubin

Teleplay by : Marc Rubin and William Blinn

February 25, 1991

When Mr. Fernando's assignment requires an improv scene portraying a character far removed from themselves, Jade, partnered along with Santana, pretends to be a teenage prostitute to "research" her role. She discovers a real 18-year-old prostitute, Tracy, and sneaks her into the school, much to Santana's dismay, Leading to a confrontation between the two girls.

Songs: "Life is a Celebration"

9 9 "Tango For Two " Alan J, Levi Parke Perine March 4, 1991

Songs: "Come What May",

10 10 "Come One, Come All" Robert Scheerer Hindi Brooks March 11, 1991

Luis's movie star mother is directing the school's variety show but wants to use it for herself.

Songs: "Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)(instrumental)

11 11 "Carnival" Mel Swope William Blinn March 18, 1991

Everyone ends up with the wrong date at the charity carnival.

Songs: "I Was Only Trying To Help", "Carnival"

12 12 "" Harry Harris Bruce Shelly March 25, 1991

Songs: "Mannequin", "It's Gonna Be A Long Night"

13 13 "A Musical Bridge" Robert Scheerer Bruce Shelly April 1, 1991

The gang expresses their concern with Emmanual's exploitation of Danté just when Mr. DeMedina makes Danté realize that he shouldn't compromise his integrity for money.

Songs: "Sho Sho Sho Shorofsky", "Do The Gimme"

14 14 "A Big Finish" Robert Douglas William Blinn April 15, 1991

Songs: "We're A Couple of Swells", "You're the Real Music"

15 15 "Reunions" John Patterson Steve Kline April 29, 1991

The students reunite with their visiting parents, Emmanuel wants his mother to be present for parents' day, but neither of them can afford to have her flown in from Cuba. The gang decides to surprise him. 

Songs: "Hope"

16 16 "A Special Place" Robert Scheerer Parke Perine May 6, 1991

Budget cutbacks call for the termination of one of the school's teachers: either Apapellós or Garcia. Garcia gets cut, but the teachers meet with city board representatives to offer putting off their raises in order to keep Garcia. The kids gather around Garcia at her goodbye party and sing "Starmaker." Garcia's job is saved in exchange for the school not getting approved new lighting in the auditorium. To celebrate, the kids sing and dance to "Hot Lunch" (played in the original film).

Songs: "A Very Special Place", "Starmaker", "Hot Lunch Jam"

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